#FoodFocus – Sweet Sweet Potato – Soup

As the weather gets cooler, a bowl of soup really hits the spot and even more so when it’s made with vegetables and harvested herbs from the garden. Sweet potato might not be the first choice for soup but when made with the right herbs, it tastes amazing with almost a sweet and savory flavour…… Continue reading #FoodFocus – Sweet Sweet Potato – Soup

#FoodFocus – Sweet Sweet Potato – Roasted Wedges

I love roasting in my oven. The aromas from something slow cooking is so welcoming. Roasted potatoes are delicious. Roasted SWEET potatoes are heavenly! And good for you! All you need is: 1 sweet potato olive oil ¬†(extra virgin is the best) seasoning of your choice salt to taste Here’s what you do: Preheat oven…… Continue reading #FoodFocus – Sweet Sweet Potato – Roasted Wedges

#FoodFocus – Sweet Sweet Potato

We grew up eating sweet potatoes. Mom would simply bake them in the oven, just like a regular potato. And this was when sweet potatoes were not as popular as they are today. It’s funny that I don’t recall if we had them as a side or on their own.. All I remember is that…… Continue reading #FoodFocus – Sweet Sweet Potato

#FoodFocus – Micro Greens – Pea Shoots and Tomato Sandwich

Pea shoots. Four times more Vitamin A than tomatoes; eight times more Folic acid than beansprouts; seven times more Vitamin C than blueberries¬†(Pea Shoots – Nutrition, n.d). WOW! I call that a nutrient powerhouse! I have been fascinated by micro greens for a while now and as you know from my previous blog post, I…… Continue reading #FoodFocus – Micro Greens – Pea Shoots and Tomato Sandwich

#FoodFocus – Micro Greens – Pea Shoots

Micro greens intrigue me. So I decided I would try my hand at growing some. I started out with some harvested nasturtium seeds as well as a packet of peas and chives. Since the weather in my neck of the woods is still gorgeous, I could sow them, cover and leave them out in the…… Continue reading #FoodFocus – Micro Greens – Pea Shoots

#FoodFocus – The Real G.O.A.T: Oats

As summer comes to an end and the children go back to school, parents are busy buying school supplies and getting ready for the year. For families whose children remain at school for lunch, the challenge always seems to be what to pack as a healthy snack. Besides fresh fruit like an apple or a…… Continue reading #FoodFocus – The Real G.O.A.T: Oats