#FoodFocus – Tower Garden – Outdoor Edition

In my neck of the woods, this summer season was a little wet…. OK. It was very wet! The few plants of corn I purchased at the beginning of the season didn’t make it. My Brussel sprouts are still too small to harvest yet. Even my strawberries weren’t as prolific as they could have been. However, my Tower Garden performed quite nicely.


TG lettuces
Tower Garden

And the best part was that, apart from checking the pH and the water level in the reservoir once a week, there was very little to do except grow and harvest the gorgeous produce from it. No kneeling down to pull weeds, no dirt under my nails, and no need for a hose to water the plants.

After having it indoors all winter long, I was excited to get it growing outside. As it was the very first year, it was somewhat of a learning curve but I believe it did well. I planted the greens and herbs in the top spots and the cucumber and tomato plants at the bottom. The pepper and eggplant, unfortunately, ended up tucked in the middle where they didn’t get enough light and are only now bearing fruit. I will know better for next year. The tomatoes were awesome! The spinach and kale were so flavourful! I had sage, basil and parsley too.

BTW, this is one tomato plant growing out of one pod!

TG tomatoes

I am new to vertical aeroponic gardening and I was quite intrigued when I was first introduced to the concept. It didn’t take long for the benefits to become very clear to my whole family, especially when it was kept indoors, right in the kitchen area of our home. Picking the fresh lettuces, chards, spinach and herbs was so easy. The pesto I made from the basil was absolutely incredible. My daughter could always tell when I picked a few leaves from the Tower because she could smell it from upstairs!

I could go on and on. I am so passionate about my Tower Garden that I wish everyone had one! It’s an excellent learning tool in the classroom too.

So if you want to know more, check out my website and connect with me about any questions you might have.



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