#FoodFocus – Refeshing Fruit and Herb-Infused Waters

This late heat wave has us all looking for ways to cool down! Water is still the best way to do this.

We all know that drinking water is good for us. Our body is made up of about 60% water and we are constantly losing some through sweat and elimination. Therefore, we must re-hydrate to maintain good health and proper functioning of all our systems. This includes regulating and maintaining body temperature.

One of the most important benefits of drinking enough water is that water flushes out toxins. It maintains regularity and generally keeps everything working properly. Without adequate amounts of water, things tend to get sluggish and that’s when health issues might arise.

Water also improves skin complexion, rehydrates to prevent muscle cramps and ease headaches and can also relieve fatigue.

Flavoured water is quite popular these days. But some bottled vitamin waters can contain artificial sweeteners which do not promote good health. Making your own flavoured water is super easy and it allows you to be creative with fresh natural ingredients.

I like to prepare mine in the large 1 litre Mason Jars and refill them a couple of times. Please use glass jars or bottles and filtered water. Organic fruits and herbs are always recommended. Prepare the jars the night before and refrigerate them so the flavours come through. Squeeze some fruit juice (lemon, orange, lime) into the water as well.

These are a few of my favourite combinations but feel free to experiment with different fruits and herbs. The objective is to drink enough water throughout the day. Flavouring it with fruit and herbs makes it a little easier to accomplish this, at least it does for me 😉

Lemon Blackberry and Rosemary Water
Cucumber Lemon Ginger and Mint Water
Purely Citrus Water
Peach Lemon and Ginger Water




Peeling citrus fruits prevents the water from becoming bitter.

Mint is a popular herb to use. Try the rosemary! It’s pretty awesome too!




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