#FoodFocus – Tower Gardening

With the health challenges our family is facing lately, getting back to good health is top priority.

I have always grown some herbs and vegetables in my backyard garden. Gardeners know that so many factors play a role in the success of their crops. Soil quality, amount of rain, and temperature are so important to how everything grows in the garden. It’s a challenge every dedicated gardener is willing to tackle until age, health and mobility issues make this wonderful hobby a little more difficult.

Soil quality is so important. When was the last time you did a soil analysis from your garden? Did you know that trace amounts of DDT can still be found in North America where this pesticide has been banned since 1972? I only use DDT as an example of one of the POPs (Persistent Organic Pollutant) because I remember when it became controversial and its use was banned. Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane was used on crops and also DIRECTLY on WWII soldiers to protect them from malaria-carrying insects and typhus (Persistent Organic Pollutants: A Global Issue, A Global Response, na). Yuk!

There is so much contradictory information today about what’s good for you, what isn’t. So I purchased a Tower Garden, an aeroponic soil-less vertical growing system that requires less than 3 square feet of space and will give me control, especially with the uncertainty that comes with the quality of the fruits and vegetables that we purchase. I was shocked to learn that when organic produce is imported, it gets sprayed at the border with some sort of pesticide to prevent foreign ‘bugs’ from entering the country! Of course, this makes so much sense, but it’s not something I automatically thought about when buying organic tropical fruit, for example. All I know for sure is that when I have control over how my vegetables and fruits are being grown, I can be pretty certain they will be nutrient-rich, non-GMO and definitely pesticide-free!

What excited me the most was that I could grow so many greens indoors, in the winter! By utilizing grow lights, they have the light they need, the nutrients and the warmth to thrive. I am beyond thrilled at the progress of my seedlings after only 2 weeks into the Tower! After this harvest, I am looking forward to relocating it outdoors for the summer season.


My goal with this beautiful Tower Garden is to free up lots of space in my fridge, pick my greens just as I need them, get back to good health and hopefully have so much produce that I can share with all my friends. I will definitely keep you posted 🙂


Here are my seedlings after being in the Tower for 3 weeks! I will be harvesting from the mixed lettuce, kale and arugula probably in the next couple of days. The chard will need a little more time as will the herbs. You can see my basil in the bottom section and I have thyme, watercress, parsley and mint as well.

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