#FoodFocus – Cherries: the New Super Fruit

Especially Montmorency tart cherries! Gorgeous, red, juicy bites of goodness! Nutritional powerhouses, these beauties are packaged and sold in several different delicious ways, including covered in dark chocolate!

One of my girlfriends often visits Vineland in the Niagara region of Southern Ontario and quite frequently drops in at Cherry Lane. This retail outlet sells a wide selection of fresh and frozen farm grown fruit, dried tart cherries and concentrate as well as some other unique gifts. Yesterday, she surprised me with a visit and a gift bag filled with a selection of these cherry delights! Thank you, Diane. I have made a mental note to plan a road trip to Vineland with her in the very near future!

We all know the benefits of fruits and berries, especially the dark red, blue and purple ones. However, even after more than 50 studies, research is continuing on the benefits of the Montmorency tart cherry . They are packed with anthocyanins, have been shown to ease muscle pain after a workout as well as arthritis symptoms and contain melatonin, which, in combination with the anthocyanins, promotes a better night sleep (Health and Nutrition, 2014).

My gift bag included dark chocolate covered dried Montmorency cherries, sweetened dried tart cherries, a bottle of pure concentrated tart cherry juice and a few other treats. Needless to say, the chocolate covered cherries are gone! The water I am sipping on as I write this blog has been fortified with 1 tsp of cherry concentrate. The taste is incredible!

I like my oatmeal in the morning, especially on a cold wintry day like today. A bowl of steaming oatmeal is so comforting and a great start to the day. I cooked mine in some low fat milk, and topped it off with a few dried cherries, brown sugar and just a touch of cream.

Cherry and Brown Sugar Oatmeal

I am looking forward to using these dried cherries in salads, as part of a trail mix or maybe even as a sweet and tart component in a turkey stuffing! The possibilities are endless!

I hope you will visit the webistes cited here for recipes and to learn more about this amazing Super Fruit.

Real food is the stuff that fuels real life! ~Kristina Turner, SelfHealingCookbook.com

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