In Search of the Perfect Banana Bread

For years, I have been looking for banana bread or loaf recipes. I remember my mom’s version. Yet, no mater what recipe I try, it never tastes like hers! Mom’s was moist and absolutely delicious! I must have at least 20 recipes in my collection yet none can compare.
This morning, I happened to catch a Food Network show which features baked creations. Way too sweet for me and, after watching one episode, I was ready to turn off the TV until I heard the promo for the following episode. One of the recipes was going to be for banana bread! Yes, I thought! This HAS to be an amazing recipe. I wrote it down and with the promise of ‘the only banana bread recipe I would ever need’, I hurried down to the kitchen and began assembling the ingredients for this amazing banana bread! Actually, this one was going to be even more amazing as the recipe called for chocolate chips, which I even happened to have in my cupboard!
Now, those who know me, know that baking is not my forte, nor do I like sugary desserts. I even purchased an oven thermometer when I was convinced that my baking wasn’t successful because of my oven. Well, I was right! Partially. My dial isn’t very accurate. I adjust it to the right temperature so I should be OK, right? Hmmm..
You can probably guess how this story turns out! Ingredients were measured, bananas were mashed, all mixed well and poured into a greased loaf pan. It was supposed to bake for one hour and fifteen minutes but after 60 minutes, it smelled like something was burning. Sure enough, the loaf was quite dark and after testing for done-ness, it was already cooked all the way through! I took it out of the oven and let it cool slightly before turning it out onto my cooling rack. The taste was fine although a little on the sweet side for me. It could have been more moist and I didn’t really care for the chocolate chips..
Banana Chocolate Chip Loaf
Was it my oven? Maybe. Was it the recipe? Probably not. But I LOVE banana bread and I know that I will eventually find one that I will have success with.
So if anyone out there in the blogosphere wants to share their recipe with me, I will be delighted to try it out!
Thank you!

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