#FoodFocus – The Cabbage Patch – Open Faced Cabbage Roll 

My mealtime inspirations come from anywhere and everywhere. I must admit that most of the time I have no clue what I will be making for dinner.  Sometimes I get an idea while I’m at my  job. Sometimes it’s from something I’ve heard or seen on a food program. And other times it’s while having a nap!  Like tonight!  I don’t really nap.. Sometimes I come home from work and lay down for a few minutes.  That’s when my thoughts end up all over the place. Tonight I thought about cabbage rolls.

I’ve been focusing quite a bit on cabbage this past week. Since my ultimate goal is to inspire students and young adults on their own for the first time with simple and affordable meals, cabbage is one of those versatile ingredients that is cheap to buy and also super nutritious . I also try to feature recipes that are quick to prepare.

Cabbage rolls are delicious but they need to simmer in a tomato sauce for a while. But I had the taste for cabbage and ground beef and rice! I jumped off he couch and ran to the fridge to pull out the leftover rice, tomato sauce I made on the weekend, the ground beef and, of course, the cabbage.  I figured it would all come together once I had it all cooked.

I got out my frying pan, browned the ground beef and drained the excess fat. Then I sauteed the onions and the garlic, added the shredded cabbage (I used the red and the Savoy), seasoned with salt and pepper, stirred it all up, added a bit of water (about 1/2 cup), covered it and let it simmer for a probably 10 minutes, just until the cabbage was soft. I had a jalapeno pepper from the garden so I sliced that up and threw that in as well!

While this was simmering, I grabbed 2 of the savoy cabbage leaves and microwaved them in a bit of water until they were wilted. Patted them dry and put them on a plate. I spread a little warm marinara sauce on the cabbage leaf.

The rice went into the pan, about 3/4 cup, mixed it into the cabbage mixture, added some fresh basil and ladled it onto the marinara sauce.


Open Faced Cabbage Rolls

It was delicious! And easy to make! I only plated 2 because it was just hubby and I tonight but there was plenty leftover for another serving.

I encourage you to play with your food. And share with me. I would love to see your creations!


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