#FoodFocus – Micro Greens – Pea Shoots and Tomato Sandwich

Pea shoots. Four times more Vitamin A than tomatoes; eight times more Folic acid than beansprouts; seven times more Vitamin C than blueberries (Pea Shoots – Nutrition, n.d).

WOW! I call that a nutrient powerhouse! I have been fascinated by micro greens for a while now and as you know from my previous blog post, I decided to grow some pea shoots.

I never thought of a micro green as anything more than a garnish for a beautifully presented dish. However, the more I researched the pea shoot, the more I realized how versatile an ingredient it is. Raw, stir fried, or even blended in a smoothie, the taste is incredible. To begin with, I wanted to share a very simple and quick to make recipe with you. The shoots are freshly cut and used as the ‘green’ in the sandwich. Pack them on and enjoy!

What you need:

multigrain bread of your choice
tomato slices
pea shoots
salt and pepper, optional

Pea Shoot and Tomato Sandwich

The hummus used as the spread ties the whole thing together for a really delicious sandwich. You won’t believe how fresh the pea shoots taste. As always, I look forward to your thoughts!

I know that I will really enjoy having my little indoor ‘greenhouses’ this winter. You can too!


Work Cited

Pea Shoots – Nutrition. (n.d). Retrieved from Pea Shoots: http://www.peashoots.com/peashoots-nutrition.htm



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