#FoodFocus – Refrigerator Oatmeal Breakfast

I absolutely fell in love with this idea when it first surfaced a few years ago! What could be better than oatmeal, yogurt and fruit? The problem before this was that you had to cook the oatmeal and then load it up with fruit and a bit of yogurt. Now, with this technique, this deliciousness can be prepared the night before, put in the fridge and be ready for breakfast the following day! How great is that?

I came across several techniques on the web. I adopted one and I think I unwittingly modified it. You know how that happens when you read a recipe but don’t record it anywhere and then you rely on your memory for the directions AND you still rock it?!?! Well, I think that’s what happened with this!

So, here’s my go-to recipe for refrigerator oatmeal:

You will need:

small jam jar or similar jar with lid
quick cook oats
ground flax seed
low-fat milk (or almond, soy or coconut)
plain yogurt
fresh or frozen fruit/berries
granola or other toppings such as crushed nuts or dried fruit

There are no quantities because I measure right in the jar. This is what I do:

  1. Fill 1/3 of the jar with the oats and drizzle some honey over top.
  2. Sprinkle with ground flax and pour the milk to completely cover the oats and flax. This allows a really good soaking of the oats and renders them soft.
  3. Fill the second third of the jar with the yogurt.
  4. Add the fruit and granola to the last third of the jar.
  5. Drizzle a little more honey over the fruit.
  6. Put the lid on to close the jar and refrigerate overnight.

Some recipes say to stir it all up before closing it but I personally like digging through the layers and getting a different spoonful each time! It’s as you wish!

I like my toppings nice and crunchy so I add them just before I eat it.

Refrigerator Oatmeal

There you have it! Make a few at a time and have them ready for a nutritious grab and go breakfast!

In the summer I prefer fresh, organic if possible, fruit and berries. When that’s not an option, I use frozen fruit. They are wonderful in this recipe. As they thaw, their juiciness runs through the yogurt and makes it so delicious!

Experiment with different fruit and berries, milks and yogurts too. The ideas for toppings are endless, from dried fruit to nuts to granola or even a bit of bran or meusli.

Breakfast is such an important meal but it is so easy to skip because of our busy schedules. I hope this simple recipe will inspire you to start your day on the right foot and help to fuel your body and keep you going for whatever your day has in store!



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