#FoodFocus – The Humble Chickpea

I love chickpeas! My family loves chickpeas! We call them ceci in Italian but they also go by other names such as Garbanzo beans, Egyptian peas,  Bengal gram or Kabuli chana. They are protein-packed legumes and you probably have a can or two in your cupboard. To be honest, my kids and I would eat…… Continue reading #FoodFocus – The Humble Chickpea

Stickers and Lists

When I set out to blog about healthy eating, it was all because I was beginning to notice what people were eating. Really noticing. These days, I’m all about mindfulness. It’s interesting when you get into that mindset how you really see what’s taking place around you. I read somewhere something to the effect of that if we…… Continue reading Stickers and Lists

#FoodFocus – Super Spinach – Summer Salad

Salads have become very popular meals, with or without added protein such as grilled chicken breast served on top or on the side. This salad has spinach as its bed and a wonderfully tangy lemon dressing. It’s quick and simple to make and won’t break your budget. It is super healthy as all the ingredients…… Continue reading #FoodFocus – Super Spinach – Summer Salad

#FoodFocus – Super Spinach

For many, just the mention of spinach conjures up the image of Popeye the Sailor Man! If I remember correctly, when there was trouble, Popeye would crack open a can of spinach, down it in a few gulps and was ready to take on the world! Spinach was this amazing leafy green food that instantly…… Continue reading #FoodFocus – Super Spinach