#FoodFocus – The Tasty Tomato – Simple Salads

Tomatoes are so versatile and incorporating them into a salad is a very easy way to reap the many benefits of this food. And simple doesn’t have to mean boring either. Check out these salad ideas. As you know by now, I am Italian so I use olive oil and oregano in a lot of my dishes. Olive oil is a ‘brain food’ as well so using this in your salad just adds to the health benefits!

tomato salad
Tomato on Greens

My go-to salad dressing is a bit of salt, olive oil, red wine vinegar and oregano or basil. In these dishes, I used fresh oregano from my garden.I like other vinegars too, such as white or cider vinegar.

When you slice up a tomato, drizzle extra virgin olive oil on it, sprinkle a bit of salt and let it sit for a few minutes, you get this wonderful tomato ‘juice’ that you can sop up with some fresh crusty whole grain bread! So simple yet so delicious and good for you!!!


tomato cucumber feta salad
Tomato Cucumber and Feta Cheese

The tomato in this picture (above) was HUGE! But you can slice up a smaller one and serve this on a multigrain cracker as an appetizer or just as a special treat for yourself! Remember that snacking doesn’t have to mean ‘junky’.

tomato cucumber salad

Tomatoes will ripen off the vine but there is absolutely nothing like the taste of vine-ripened, summer sun-kissed tomatoes, on their own, in a salad or made into a sauce to enjoy at this time of the year!


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