#FoodFocus – Eggs – Eggs-in-a-Mug

I believe that eggs rank really high as a perfect food. Think about it. They are like little bundles of protein, rich in Vitamins A, D and E and are a great source of folate, iron, zinc and choline. Eggs are good for healthy skin, eye tissue, bones and teeth, building and repairing muscles, organs, hair and other body tissues, heart health and, my favourite benefit, brain health (Egg Nutrition, 2016)! For more specific nutritional information about eggs check out www.eggs.ca

Eggs are eaten at breakfast, lunch or dinner, are only 70 calories each, and are ingredients in so many desserts! They can be soft boiled, hard cooked, poached, scrambled, fried, baked and even microwaved! For the busy lifestyle, eggs are a great choice for ensuring a healthy meal even when time is limited. That’s what I would like to focus on for this ingredient.

When I’m in a rush, I sometimes whisk an egg with a bit of milk, add whatever cheese I have on hand and pop it in the microwave. Then I found a recipe on the Get Cracking website that incorporated a bit of bread! That was my morning inspiration for the recipe below.


1 egg
2 Tbsp milk
1 slice whole grain bread, cubed
2 Tbsp diced tomato
1 Tbsp diced green pepper
1 Tbsp finely chopped green onion
2 Tbsp shredded cheddar cheese

microwaveable mug

eggsinacup ingredients

Whisk the egg and milk in a small bowl. Set it aside. Toss the bread, tomato, green pepper, onion and cheese together and fill your cup. Pour the egg mixture over top and microwave on HIGH for 1 minute. Let stand for 10 seconds and microwave for another minute. That’s it! Eat it right out of the mug or transfer it to a plate and enjoy!

eggs in a cup
Dry Ingredients in the mug

eggs in a cup served


I had mine with some left over bok choy. I love my greens.

Anyway, go ahead and try different veggies like spinach, zucchini, or peas, add some ham or bacon and get your day off to a good start!

eggs in a cup and bok choy
Eggs-in-a-mug and bok choy


Works Cited
Egg Nutrition. (2016). Retrieved from Get Cracking: http://www.eggs.ca/nutrition/view/1/egg-nutrition





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