Food For Thought

I need to blog… I talk to myself constantly. Every day. And especially about food! “Does this happen to everyone?” I ask myself. It’s so strange because when I answer that question with a “probably not”, the conversation in my head just gets more and more involved! So I figured I need to be blogging. About food.

Food intrigues me. What we eat intrigues me. Waiting in line at the check-out at the grocery store, I find myself looking at other shoppers’ carts, trying to imagine what their meals look like. You do that too, right? No? Oh boy, I’m in trouble!

Ok. I am extremely aware of what I eat and what I prepare at home for my family’s nourishment. So it only stands to reason that my shopping cart is filled with mostly nutritious foods with the occasional processed item here and there. The fact that I love to cook helps big time! There is no theme or cuisine type to the meals I prepare, although the ‘rainbow’ makes an appearance quite often 😉

I was blessed with the opportunity to be home while my kids were young. They were fed nutritious home cooked meals on a regular basis and I firmly believe that this is the reason they have never required antibiotics more than maybe one time each. My daughter is 23 and my son is 21 years old…

Why do I want to blog about food? There are a ton of food blogs out there! Well, here’s my thought process. (Remember the voices in my head?) My son attends a University close by so he commutes to and from school. He has most of his meals at home. He studies hard and is also preparing for his LSAT, plays hockey and goes to the gym on a regular basis and has a part time job! His body requires proper nourishment, which he gets at home. Then, what about the students who don’t have the luxury of living at home while attending post-secondary studies? This is a time when proper nourishment is so important. After all, this is when they are learning new skills, information and techniques for their chosen careers. Their brain needs to be able to absorb all this information. In order to do this, their brain needs to be in tip top shape! That’s when I started thinking about brain healthy foods and meals.

So, what are they eating? Do they have time to prepare healthy meals for themselves? Do they know how to? After some general surveying of some student friends, I came to the conclusion that a lot of students either don’t have the time to prepare a proper meal, don’t know how to or don’t have the money for healthy groceries. So they rely on fast food take out or quick, easy to prepare processed fares. The problem with most of these choices is the super high sodium and sugar content and super low real nutritional value.

Here is where my journey begins. I posed this question to myself: If my kids were living away from home, would they be adequately prepared to properly feed themselves? Maybe…maybe not. Being on your own can be quite daunting. So I thought, what if I provide them with a list of brain healthy foods, nutritional benefits about said foods as well as some quick but healthy recipes that are also economical to prepare? I know I would feel better knowing that they would forego a walk to the nearest poutinerie and opt to make a healthier meal decision for their own benefit. Wouldn’t you?

OK! Let’s get started. Each blog post will feature a brain healthy food along with an easy-to-prepare recipe. I am not a nutritionist but I will do my best to research and gather as much information as I can to share with you. I hope you are as eager as I am to learn about the best foods for optimal brain health, better focus, tons of energy and overall health!

Students living away from home may have been the inspiration for this project but the information and recipes here are for everyone!
I welcome your feedback, suggestions, as well as recipe ideas. Let’s do this together!


Real food is the stuff that fuels real life! – Kristina Turner, author of The Self-Healing Cookbook



The opinions in these pages are mine, so are most of the recipes and photos. I will do my best to give credit where I should and cite the works, professionals and websites I am learning from. I am not a doctor, nutritionist, or health professional. I am a foodie who loves to help people find their healthy happy place!



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